Edinburgh Parks

Stormwater Detention Basin

Elizabeth, South Australia


Renewal SA, Government of South Australia

Project Scope

Stormwater installation and Wetlands

Project Summary

Adjacent the Elizabeth Train station, the 80 hectare site was turned into two significant stormwater detention basins to retain and recycle the massive flood waters generated by urban development.

It also provides protection to the RAAF base from flooding events.

The project was conducted over two stages of construction, which consisted of:

Stage 1 - Northern Stormwater Detention Basin

Consisted of the removal of 215,000 tonne of natural material that was subsequently reused in embankment construction to increase basin volume above natural surface level.

The existing stormwater catchment system was modified and expanded to increase capacity, with the installation of a weir downstream to control water flow, and a spillway that was constructed adjacent an existing stormwater catchment area to control flow into the Northern detention basin.

A 1,400Lnm Stormwater Pipe system was constructed using 600mm RCP at 3m depth at a low grade of 0.123% (with ground water present) - this was constructed to control water runoff from the Northern Detention Basin, and also linked in with the Eastern Stormwater Detention Basin.

Stage 2 - Eastern Stormwater Detention Basin

Consisted of the excavation and removal of a further

1,050,000 tonne of natural material to be stockpiled on site for later re-development use.



Both Stage 1 and 2 were constructed with the aid of 3D Differential GPS Guidance Systems fitted to our 6-wheel drive graders.

With these systems, Australasian Construction was able to ensure levels across the entire project and at practical completion it was shown that the project was constructed within +/-10mm of the design specifications (compliant with the specified tolerances for this project).