Regency Park, South Australia


Lanskey Constructions

Project Scope

Bulk Earthworks, Pavement Construction and Storm water

Project Summary

Australasian Construction was contracted by Lanskey Constructions to complete civil works at Lot 1 Gallipoli Drive, Regency Park SA 5010 for Gibb Group Property Services (VIC).


The project involved removal of 33,000m3 of existing site material to sub-grade, Level 1 filling over 30,000m2 site, pavement layer placement to support a 10,000m2 warehouse development and 20,000m2 surrounding heavy duty container transport yard and included the removal of the old, and installation of a new, storm water system.


Construction Summary
The project involved the excavation and removal of 64,000 tonne of existing site material followed by Level 1 filling of 5,000m3. 

The works were completed using our in-house specialised equipment. 


Following bulk earthworks, pavement construction commenced in multiple stages to facilitate a tight construction program and prioritise the construction of the warehouse - enabling the progression of structural trades (concrete placement, steel erection, precast concrete panel erection, etc.).


Graders were equipped with DGPS and mmGPS for increased accuracy and productivity; allowing the final trim of the pavement layers to be within the +/-10mm tolerance accepted by the client.

This promoted concrete placement using laser screens and subsequently reduced concrete wastage.


Australasian Construction were responsible for the removal and diversion of existing storm water pipes to mitigate the risk of having a large uncontrolled service underneath the new construction. A 140Lnm run of 600mm concrete pipe was removed from across the centre of the site and reinstated to

Level 1 and a new 280Lnm run of 600mm concrete pipe was installed around the site.


The new installation successfully accommodated multiple existing known and unknown Services (ie. fibre optic cables and high pressure gas mains).

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