Metcash Mega Distribution Centre

Gepps Cross, South Australia


Ahrens Group (D&C SA)

Project Scope

Bulk Earthworks and Pavement Construction

Project Summary

Australasian Construction is contracted by Ahrens to complete civil works at 600 Main North Road, Gepps Cross for the new 14 hectare Metcash Mega Distribution Centre. The project consists of bulk earthworks and pavements - inclusive of fill under Level 1 Supervision and pavement rubble.

Our specialised range of in-house plant is being utilised to meet the Client's requirements of the sub-grade and pavement layers to be filled and trimmed to varying design RLs and to within

+/-10 mm tolerance.    


Construction Summary


  • Identify, assess and resolve extensive insitu asbestos (non-friable).

  • Removal and remediation of 10,800m3 (21,600 tonne) of insitu contaminated materials.

Bulk Earthworks and Sub-grade Remediation

  • ​Cut to fill of sub-grade to design RLs.

  • Amend site won material for re-use, inclusive of removal of oversized and unsuitable material (with use of in-house specialised plant).

  • Instalment of geofabric and geogrid to engineer designed sub-grade remediation standard.

  • Supply and placement of ballast material to engineer designed sub-grade remediation standard.

  • Compaction of all layers under Level 1 Supervision.

  • Sub-grade and rubble material final trim completed by specialised plant with inbuilt GPS and laser capable positioning systems:

    • Building Pad 78,200m2​.


  • Place, compact and final trim of pavement rubble across the site to design RLs. Trimming to appropriate levels to accommodate for asphalt, concrete and building pad across the site:

    • External Hardstand (Concrete) 42,200m2​.

    • External Hardstand (Asphalt) 8,500m2.

  • Final trimming and shaping to allow for design features, including spoon drains, loading docks, ramp entries, basins and swales:

    • Landscaping, Swales, Basins 14,700m2.

  • To undertake sub-base, bitumen, crossover, kerb, gutter and linemarking works to 8,500m2 of car parking facilities.

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